Lyle F. R. Knudson
532 Swartz Road
Nordland, WA 98358

(360) 385-6038


Erik Knudson

(602) 712-9908
(602) 616-4562



Timbered, Isolated, Mountain Hideaway

Looking for that special place to relax, get away from the crowds and enjoy life? This 1/4 section of land hosts two trout streams, elk, deer, beaver, cougar, bear, and an abundance of other wildlife. The property is situated east of Mt. Rainier on the sunny side of the Cascade Mountains in eastern Washington at an elevation of about 4000 feet. Access is available by a well maintained logging road, but there are no neighbors for seven or so miles. In the corner, a high rock cliff borders the roaring Manastash creek, and a steep timbered slope on the other side lends itself to a Pelton wheel generator, wind generator, or possibly a full scale hydro dam.

This has been our cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing hideaway for many years. Now at the age of 84, with my wife deceased, it just isn't fun anymore, so I have decide to sell or (???) it. I would consider a selective timbering of this land, but I'm not interested in commercializing it, even though it looks like a natural. I would prefer dealing with an eccentric wilderness lover like myself.

Phone, drive in and look by 4x4 before the winter snow starts to arrive, or we can fly in by helicopter anytime the weather permits. All possible even before we talk price!